Uses for Coffee Grounds

Coffee is everybody’s favorite fix. It has also become a lifestyle in recent years, with more and more coffee shops earning popularity all over the globe. It is no longer merely enjoyed every morning. It accompanies a host of lounging activities throughout the day. That’s why coffee is considered a must-have in any home or office pantry or just about anywhere snacking is allowed.

If you are one coffee addict, you must be getting more and more concerned about the number of coffee grounds you throw away in the trash every day. Well, that does not have to be the case if only you know how many other uses there are for your squeezed-out coffee beans. You would realize that in fact, there are a whole bunch of reasons you should keep a stock in your cupboard.

Aside from presenting an ever-ready solution to a host of different problems, you are also helping Mother Earth recuperate as you are making good use of materials that would easily fill up trash.

For Household Cleaning

Coffee grounds can make household chores simpler and the need for buying cleaners disappears. They can be an even more effective alternative to your favorite household cleaning solution and can be used in many different ways.

Coffee Grounds

First, when cleaning your fireplace, you may sprinkle some wet coffee grounds on the ashes so they will be easier to remove. What’s more, coffee grounds will also prevent the ashes from polluting the atmosphere of the room.

Second, if you want to get rid of the foul smell circling around your fridge, you may use a bowl of coffee grounds that will help deodorize the smell. You may also place some drops of vanilla to the used or fresh grounds to make a flavored scent.

Third, coffee grounds can help keep out the cats and ants. If you have an allergy or asthma, keeping the neighborhood cats away must be a concern. That is easy because it can be done by simply sprinkling coffee grounds around the yard and flower beds. Ants, meanwhile, can be truly worrisome as they start inching their way into your home and invading your kitchen. That same solution of sprinkling coffee grounds around the perimeter of your house can also solve that possible misery.

Fourth, coffee grounds can be used for cleaning grease in your pots and pans. Rub a fistful of grounds onto hard-to-clean food particles and they will easily disappear along with the oils and fats.

For Gardening

Coffee grounds can be very useful in maintaining a blooming garden.

For one, it can help fertilize the plants. Rosebushes and evergreens are among the plants that will benefit from the nutrients found in used and old coffee grounds. You should specifically use the grounds used in the drip coffeemaker than the boiled grounds from a percolator. The former contains more nitrogen than the latter.

For another, coffee grounds can help make your harvest more fruitful. If you are growing carrots, you must mix the seeds with freshly-ground coffee before you start sowing. The addition will help make your sowing easier while repelling pests and other root maggots. The nutrients that are found in coffee can also serve as fertilizers to the soil as they start to decompose.

Other Uses

There are also other uses of coffee grounds that you may be surprised at finding out. However unusual they may be, you will surely be interested in trying them because they can solve certain problems without requiring you to shed even a single cent.

Coffee grounds can be used as a dye for a variety of things. Are you preparing for an Easter egg hunt in your home? Are you into paper crafts and scrapbooking? Coffee grounds can help make anything into a different color of light brown o dark brown if you will only soak them in warm water.

You can also use coffee grounds to help keep off foul smells in your hands. After preparing meals, you will find it difficult to remove the strong odors of ingredients such as onions, garlic, and fish. By rubbing some coffee grounds before washing your hands, you will be able to get rid of the foul smell.

Coffee grounds can also provide an effective but cheap facial. Help exfoliate your skin by rubbing some grounds on your face and rinsing them off along with your dead skin cells.

You may also reduce your cellulite by creating your own solution of an effective cellulite cream. Simply mix used ground coffee with coconut oil. This can help get rid of your fat pockets by rubbing the grounds and oil solution onto your skin in a circular motion. Do this for a few minutes and then rinse. The caffeine in your grounds will help enhance fat metabolism.

Coffee grounds can help your face and your skin look healthy but that does not end there. You may also use them to create a healthy and shiny difference in your hair. You may use a strong brew as a natural hair treatment that will make your crowning glory look extra-glossy.